Our Story...

About Mr Squeaks

Mr Squeaks Tea Company is a new specialist tea company based in the Leigh-on-sea area of Essex in the South-East of England. We are a family run business, managed and owned by Kim Dawson and Dave Dawson.

We are a small team of tea lovers, dedicated to creating and sourcing the very best loose-leaf tea and tea service products.

Mr Squeaks Tea is a far cry from the average brew. Not only do these teas taste great, they look and smell beautiful too.

We aim to keep our Guests happy and satisfied with our four ranges of loose-leaf tea. We offer a number of beautiful tasting teas from our Black Label (black teas), Green Label (green teas), Red Label (fruit teas) and Blue Label (herbal and speciality teas) - all of which are available on our tea page.

As well as selling loose leaf teas, we also provide tea service products that you can purchase from the Mr Squeaks Tea Company store.

Blending Fine Tea

There's a lot of tea available out there from many tea growing regions - after all, the only drink that is consumed more in the whole world - is water!


As with most things though there are varying ranges of quality based on a number of factors.


Many of these things change from season to season which is why Mr Squeaks Tea Company only works with the world's most experienced growers and tea masters to blend the very finest flavours. 


We offer ethically produced teas from all over the world ensuring only the best crops available are selected and we are always searching for new ingredients and flavours.


Flavouring teas has been a process that's enhanced the enjoyment of tea drinking for thousands of years, but we don't flavour teas to mask an inferior tea. We start off with premium tea and add only 100% natural flavourings.

Our Classic Range of Teas have been hand selected to deliver a flavour and experience for all of our Guests to enjoy. Find out lots more on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

MSTC Team Kim.png


Kim is the cast iron backbone of Mr Squeaks Tea Company. She keeps the ‘cogs moving’ ensuring that everything is done on time. She is very friendly and incredibly well-organised. While Kim is not brewing up a storm she is busy doing craft projects known as "Kim's Makes" for friends and family. Kim's favourite brew is Mr Squeaks Anytime Tea!

MSTC Team Kaylee.png


Kaylee is the fastest brewer in the West - and also the South, East and North. She makes sure that Mr Squeaks Tea Company delivers the highest possible service - organising and managing our events. Kaylee is also responsible for developing the future growth of our Tea Service work for Mr Squeaks. Kaylee likes fast cars and her favourite brew is Mr Squeaks Cosy Chamomile!

MSTC Team Dave.png


Dave’s day to day duties include creating the look and feel of the Tea Company and developing future growth for Mr Squeaks. When not in work Dave can usually be found working on one of his many creative "projects" which usually involve making lots of mess. Dave's favourite brew is Mr Squeaks Peppermint Pow!

MSTC Team Riley.png


Riley is by far the youngest member of the team. Although not an official member, she loves to come along to our events and help by handing out balloons to the children, answering questions about our teas and collecting up the empties.

To say that Riley is a bookworm is an understatement. She can often be found reading in a corner somewhere and her favourite brew is Mr Squeaks Christmas Cracker!