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Are you a Tea Lover, Tea Pro or a Tea Legend?

So it turns out that there is a whole load of Tea People out there who really do appreciate Good Tea. Done Properly.

So with that in mind we are working hard to bring you all a world class tea experience with all of the good parts of using a small independent business like Mr Squeaks Tea Company.

Very soon we will be launching our all new members-only Squeaks Tea Club, jam-packed with awesome "T-Perks" like nothing else available from other tea companies. We hope to be inviting you all to join soon.

We have no shareholders to please and quick profit is not our primary goal. We are building an environmentally, financially and socially sustainable tea experience for everyone to enjoy by keeping our costs low, our products plastic-free and supporting worthwhile social causes and projects wherever we can. We can do amazing things together, even in the darker days we find ourselves in.

Come on the journey with us - it will be great fun!

- Mr Squeaks

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Supporting Our Tea People

Mr Squeaks Tea Company are proud to be able to help support social projects and charitable fundraisers that are important to us and our Tea People Community. We often make donations and encourage our Tea People to help where they can. Here are some of the people we are hoping to help right now.


life changing surgery for dawson

Tea People meet little Dawson. Dawson's Mum contacted us to ask if we could help him and his small family raise the huge sum of money he needs for life-changing surgery.


We are 100% behind him and we will be donating some of our products as prizes for his fundraising raffle while also helping to spread the word as much as possible. Please take a look at this little star's JustGiving page and help us to change his life for the better. We all need to look our for each other these days. So let's make a difference.


- Mr Squeaks.