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Club Zestea

Club Zestea

A unique combination of black and herbal teas is the making of Mr Squeaks Zestea. When infused, this tea creates a  brew with the full bodiedness of black tea with a sweet lemon aftertaste. This tea is perfect as an after dinner tea, a tea to aid a cold and a tea to enjoy anytime.


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  • 100g Foil Fresh Bag (Cupboard Size)
  • 50g Curiositea Bag (Try Me Size)
  • 100g Filled Caddy
  • 100g Caddy Refill Bag
  • 25 Ready Filled Teabags
  • Subscribe and Save with a tea Subscription
  • Tea Profile

    • INGREDIENTS: - Luxury Black Tea, Verbena Leaves, Dried Lemon Peel
    • ORIGIN: - Assam, Nilgiri (India) Kericho,Kiambo (Kenya), Egypt - Nile River Delta
    • CAFFEINE: - Approx. between 27- 35mg per cup
    • LEAVES: - Orthodox, CTC, Flowery Pekoe, Lemon Verbena Grade 1
    • AROMA: - Floral, Fruity with light oaky notes
    • COLOUR: - Bright coppery colour
    • TASTE: - Full bodied, malty, fruity and citrus
    • WELL BEING: - Refreshing
    • STRENGTH: - Full Bodied
    • FLAVOUR: - Malty, Slightly Floral, Oaky, Citrus
    • CAFFEINE CONTENT: - Moderate