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Mr Squeaks Lickwish

Mr Squeaks Lickwish

Mr Squeaks Lickwish is a unique blend of our finest fennel seeds origintating from Egypt.  Our Lickwish tea has an aniseed, liquorice flavour creating an unusual taste sensation.  Fennel has been reported to suppress appetite, aid digestion and reduce bloating.


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  • 100g Foil Fresh Bag (Cupboard Size)
  • 50g Curiositea Bag (Try Me Size)
  • 100g Filled Caddy
  • 100g Caddy Refill Bag
  • 25 Ready Filled Teabags
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  • Tea Profile

    • INGREDIENTS: Fennel Seeds
    • ORIGIN: Egypt
    • LEAVES: 1st Grade
    • AROMA: Aromatic, similar to Anise
    • COLOUR: Pale Yellow
    • TASTE: Liquorice, Anise like taste, slightly sweet
    • WELL BEING: Cleansing
    • WELL BEING: Relaxing
    • FLAVOUR: Slightly Sweet
    • FLAVOUR: Liquorice
    • STRENGTH: Light Bodied