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Mr Squeaks Minty Cocoa

Mr Squeaks Minty Cocoa


Mr Squeaks Minty Cocoa is packed full of goodness and great taste – without the guilt. A combination of cocoa, peppermint and Rooibos tea to offer a refreshing healthy drink. Mmmm, enjoy…you can. A completely caffeine, guilt free medium bodied tea which is great as an after-dinner treat.


Sold in:

  • 100g Foil Fresh Bag (Cupboard Size)
  • 50g Curiositea Bag (Try Me Size)
  • 100g Filled Caddy
  • 100g Caddy Refill Bag
  • 25 Ready Filled Teabags
  • INGREDIENTS:-Luxury Rooibos, Peppermint, Calendula Petals, Cacao bean pieces and natural flavours
  • ORIGIN:-Cederberg, South Africa. Grown:1500 - 2500ft above sea level
  • CAFFEINE:-None
  • LEAVES:-Choice Grade 1 Rooibos. Deep red leaves
  • AROMA:-Mint and fruity rooibos notes
  • COLOUR:-Reddish orange to full red colour - depends on brewing time and quantity used
  • TASTE:-Mint and fruity rooibos flavour with refreshing cleansing palate finish
  • WELL BEING:-Refreshing, Comforting
  • FLAVOUR:-Mint, Chocolate
  • STRENGTH:-Medium Bodied
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