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Mr Squeaks Spicy Pop

Mr Squeaks Spicy Pop


Mr Squeaks Spicy Pop is an unusual but excellent combination of a traditional Japanese green tea and Indian spices which produces a tea erupting with flavour. Blending the green tea Genmaicha with its toasty rice notes and the warming spices of a traditional chai gives a taste experience that has real depth and complex flavours you are sure to love.


Sold in,

  • 100g Foil Fresh Bag (Cupboard Size)
  • 50g Curiositea Bag (Try Me Size)
  • 100g Filled Caddy
  • 100g Caddy Refill Bag
  • 25 Ready Filled Teabags
  • INGREDIENTS: - Green Tea, Roasted and Popped Rice, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Clove, and Nutmeg
  • ORIGIN: - Japan, India. Grown 700 - 1500 ft above sea level
  • CAFFEINE: - Approx 20mg per cup
  • LEAVES: - Green tea - Sencha - made to Japanese Specifications
  • AROMA: - Steamed green tea - Sencha
  • COLOUR: - Light brownish yellow
  • TASTE: - Warm spices enhance toasty rice notes with green tea
  • WELL BEING: - Energising, Invigorating
  • FLAVOUR: - Spicy, Toasted Rice
  • STRENGTH: - Medium Bodied
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