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Tea Fellas Kit

Tea Fellas Kit

Everything you need to be a true Tea Boss! This set includes:

1 x Brewmaster Mug

1 x 100g Refill of Amazing Greys

1 x Gold Mr Squeaks Domed Gift Caddy

1 x Mr Squeaks Tea Infuser Ball


About Mr Squeaks Amazing Greys

Mr Squeaks Amazing Greys is an excellent Earl Grey and one of our Guest favourites which you can rely on time and time again. We have combined high grown Ceylon tea, a smooth top grade Keemun, top quality natural bergamot oil and some blue cornflowers to produce a high quality classic. Amazing Greys simply delivers an amazing 'Earl Grey' experience with no aftertaste or overpowering perfume. Enjoy!


Mr Squeaks Tea Infuser Ball

High quality loose-leaf tea expands and needs lots of room when brewing to unlock the best flavour. This infuser is large enough to allow for this and for optimal water flow. It encourages the tea to fully expand and makes sure that you get the true and full flavour of your favourite Mr Squeaks loose-leaf teas. Use the Mr Squeaks Tea Infuser Ball to enjoy the perfect cup of tea.