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The New Batch Sample Pack

The New Batch Sample Pack


The wait is finally over.... the Mr Squeaks New 2020 Blends are now available.  Purchase a 10 tea sample pack, filled with ten of our newest blends.  The teas in this pack are:


Mr Squeaks FreeCaf -This is our Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea

Mr Squeaks Smokey Char - A black crisp tasting tea with an amazing aroma of smokey fires

Mr Squeaks Zestea - A black tea blended with citrus flavours

Mr Squeaks Natural Nettle Tea - A herbal blend of Natural Nettle Leaves with a fresh aroma and a pleasant dry finish

Mr Squeaks Lickwish - A herbal blend of Fennel Seeds with a liquorice like flavour

Mr Squeaks Lemon Laze - A herbal blend of Lemon Verbena and Citrus Flavours

Mr Squeaks Razzberry Leaf - A  unique looking Raspberry Leaf tea 

Mr Squeaks Ginger Zest - A herbal blend of Ginger and Lemon Flavours

Mr Squeaks Time Out Tea - A herbal blend of Chamomile and Lavender Flowers

Mr Squeaks Rosellea - A herbal blend of Hibiscus Flowers and Rose Petals


A whole new flavoursome collection of tea, all packed together in one sample pack.


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