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Whole Leaf Travel Kit

Whole Leaf Travel Kit

Make your Good Tea mobile and convenient with our Whole Leaf Travel Kit! This set includes:

1 x Love Life Bamboo Travel Mug

1 x 25 Box of Mr Squeaks Ready Filled Teabags of your choice (biodegradable)

1 x Diddy Travel Caddy (to keep your bags in on the go)


About Love Life Bamboo Travel Mug

Give a superstar in your life the perfect eco-friendly reusable gift with this bamboo 'You can't buy happiness but you can buy tea...' travel mug. From Love Life by CELEBRATIONS® - a shabby chic celebration of all that makes life so magical.


Made from a sustainable blend of bamboo and corn husk, this 400ml travel cup is the perfect gift for the modern go getter with a conscience. It features a pastel green lid, pink dot pattern and a rubber insulator grip sleeve.


Mr Squeaks Diddy Travel Caddies

Diddy Travel Caddies are the perfect solution for taking Mr Squeaks tea on the move with you.

Simply fill your caddy and pop it into your bag. Never miss a Mr Squeaks Tea moment.

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